Agency for Public Finance and Management - Ministry of Finance



The Ministry of Finance supports the government in pursuing sound economic policies and ensures innovation and efficiency in the public sector.


The Ministry of Finance is an analytical powercenter, where employees can realise their full potential and develop into leaders of tomorrow.

The Ministry of Finance acts as a single corporation and is a role model for efficient management and development of operations in the Danish public sector.

Summary of strategy:

It is an ongoing prerequisite for the work of the public sector that the resources used for its administration and management are minimised, so that tasks are taken care of and organised as effectively as they can be, while at the same time facilitating an increase in the level of service.

Together with our customers and our parent institution, the Ministry of Finance, the 

Agency for Public Finance and Management will develop and operate concepts for quality and sound financial management in the field of public administration. By doing this we will fulfil the new requirements, and at the same time free up resources for other purposes in the public sector.

Agency for Public Finance and Management must and will make a difference so that Denmark continues to have one of the most effective public sector administrations in Europe. We would also like to be judged on the extent to which we actually succeed.