English summary

Monthly and quarterly publication of fiscal data follow the principles of Directive 2011/85. Below is an English summary of the differences between the fiscal data published by the Agency for Public Finance and Management and the accounts of public finances produced by Statistics Denmark according to ESA2010 standards.

Statistics Denmark produces the national accounts and the accounts of public finances under the ESA 2010 standard at an annual basis. ESA 2010 is a European Accounting Standard (European System of National and Regional Accounts). The common ESA 2010 standard ensures that all Member States apply the same sector definitions for activities included as part of general government activity. Moreover statistics on consumption, income tax etc. are produced using the same methods. In the production of the accounts of general government, Statistics Denmark converts the accounts, submitted by local and regional municipalities, the state, social security funds and some individual companies (eg the national broadcasting company Danmarks Radio) to the ESA 2010 standard.

The publication on the Agency for Public Finance and Management's website, are produced according to the EU Budget Directive (Directive 2011/85) and follow the accounting standards applicable in the relevant subsector. These are standards are issued by the Ministry of Finance (state) and the Ministry for Social Affairs and the Interior (regions and municipalities) in statutory orders. Accounting data are available monthly at the central government level, and quarterly for regions and municipalities. In some cases there are differences between accrual and cash accounting of expenses respectively in the regions and municipalities accounting and government accounting as well as in ESA 2010 accounting. For example project grants are expensed in the central government accounts when a binding commitment for the grants is issued, while in regions and municipalities accounts and in ESA 2010 such grant are expensed when paid. Similarly, central government reimbursements to municipalities are accrued differently by the central and local government. The consequence is that one cannot meaningfully put the cost of the state and the municipalities and regions together by simply adding the financial information available on the Agency for Public Finance and Management's website for each subsector, and thereby obtain a statement of the level of expenditures and income in the public sector. A meaningful aggregation requires a detailed translation of the cost of the same accounting standard as the one made by Statistics Denmark.

The monthly and quarterly primary accounting data reflected in the Agency for Public Finance and Management’s  publications of accounting are the same primary accounting data included in Statistics Denmark's annual ESA calculations of public finances. The Agency for Public Finance and Management publishes data with higher frequency than Statistics Denmark, but the primary accounting basis is the same. For a full description of the conversion of accounts to ESA 2010 standard, we refer to the detailed documentation on the website of Statistics Denmark, where a detailed EDP/GFS documentation (inventory) and a bridge table in combination constitute a detailed methodological reconciliation table.